Monday Championship 

League Table

New Leagues will be starting on the 3rd January 2022. To Register please contact us on 01482 822848 or email We are receiving a large number of team so please DONT MISS OUT!!

1Shush 2016132281606849
2Inter the pub2015052121486445
3Old Man Athletic 201514169917843
4Craven FC2014061951059042
5OPE VETS2012261711106138
6AFC EDMUNSON209011104114-1027
8Hull Kingston Poachers206212179208-2920
9Pimp Chimps206113147196-4919
10Bromby Army206113117176-5919
11Barely Athletic20501587141-5415
12No Name FC204016146276-13012
Soccer kings would like to congratulate


on winning our championship.
 PLEASE NOTE that the price of the game will be £30 for the new season. Any team who does not give us 24 hours notice before cancelling will be charged in full for the fixture. Cancel two games in a row and you will be immediately expelled from the league!! 
2Shush FC1311021431093433
4Craven FC138051441232124


Fixture & Results

Round 1

Monday 3rd January 2022
OPE VETSArcadia   0:36:45pm
Used to be athleticClub Bransholme 3:9:00pm
Kingswood FCInter the pub 3:08:15pm
West Carr WolvesBromby Army 3:07:30pm
Shush FCAbletico 23:6:45pm
Pimp ChimpsPassealona 7:86:00pm
Monday 10th January 2022
AbleticoPimp Chimps 8:8:30pm
Shush FCBromby Army 11: 67:30pm
OPE VETSPassealona 3:06:45pm
Club BransholmeKingswood FC 11:17 7:00pm
West Carr WolvesInter the pub 0:7:45pm
ArcadiaUsed to be Athletic 6: 128:15pm
Monday 17th January 2022
Used to be athleticPasselona 15: 6 6:45pm
Keanan Norrie’s TeamArcadia 15: 12 7:30pm
Bromby ArmyAbletico 16: 12 8:15pm
Shush FCCraven FC 10: 9 8:30pm
OPE VETSPimp Chimps 10: 14 9:00pm
Inter the pubClub Bransholme 16: 13 7:45pm
Monday 24th January 2022
Club BransholmeCraven FC13:108:30pm
Cesc on the beachOPE VETS3:06:45pm
Inter the pubUsed to be athletic0:37:30pm
ArcadiaNo Name FC14:77:00pm
PassealonaShush FC7:88:15pm
Bromby ArmyPimp Chimps8:127:30pm
Monday 31st January 2022
No Name FCPassealona13:156:45pm
OPE VETSUsed to be athletic10:77:30pm
Bromby ArmyInter the pub11:167:45pm
Shush FCPimp Chimps16:148:15pm
ArcadiaClub Bransholme13:157:00pm
Craven FCCesc on the beach3:09:00pm
Monday 7th February 2022
PassealonaUsed to be athletic7:12 6:45pm
Club BransholmeShush FC13:15 7:30pm
ArcadiaCraven FC8:12 8:15pm
Pimp ChimpsInter the pub3:19 9:00pm
Bromby ArmyCesc on the beach3:0 7:30pm
No Name FCOPE VETS9:30 7:45pm
Monday 14th February 2022
ArcadiaBromby Army14:19 8:15pm
Inter the pubNo Name FC 3: 0 9:00pm
Club BransholmeOPE VETS 3:0 6:00pm
Kurd FCShush FC7:8 8:30pm
Pimp ChimpsUsed to be athletic4:9 7:00pm
PassealonaCraven FC3:0 7:45pm
Monday 21st February 2022
Shush FCOPE VETS 7: 10 6:45pm
Craven FCPimp Chimps 11: 7 8:30pm
Used to be athleticNo Name FC 20: 3  8:15pm
Inter the pubPassealona 16: 12 7:45pm
Kurd FCArcadia 0: 3 9:00pm
Club BransholmeBromby Army 23: 9 7:00pm
Monday 28th February 2022
Pimp ChimpsArcadia 5: 59:00pm
OPE VETSCraven FC 8: 58:15pm
Inter the pubShush FC 7: 198:30pm
PassealonaClub Bransholme 12: 267:45pm
Used to be athleticBromby Army 3: 07:30pm
Kurd FCNo Name FC 0: 36:00pm
Monday 7th March 2022
Pimp ChimpsClub Bransholme 3: 09:00PM
ArcadiaInter the pub  8: 176:00PM
PassealonaAFC EDMUNSON  7: 87:45PM
Bromby ArmyOPE VETS 6: 178:15PM
No Name FCCraven FC 2: 198:30PM
Used to be athleticShush FC 19: 47:30PM
Monday 14th March 2022
Bromby ArmyPassealona 3:9:00pm
Pimp ChimpsAFC EDMUNSON 3:97:30pm
No Name FCClub Bransholme 23:19 8:30pm
Used to be athleticCraven FC 9: 178:15pm
Inter the pubOPE VETS 9: 107:30pm
Shush FCArcadia 11: 118:15pm
Monday 21st March 2022
ArcadiaOPE VETS 7: 126:45pm
Club BransholmeUsed to be athletic 0: 57:30pm
Inter the pubAFC EDMUNSON 22: 156:45pm
Bromby ArmyCraven FC 5: 158:30pm
No Name FCShush FC 13: 217:00pm
PassealonaPimp Chimps 6: 128:15pm
Monday 28th March 2022
Pimp ChimpsNo Name FC 9:11  6:45pm
Bromby ArmyShush FC 0: 5 7:45pm
PassealonaOPE VETS 0: 5 7:30pm
AFC EDMUNSONMurder on Zidancefloor 12: 7 6:00pm
Inter the pubCraven FC 8: 18 8:15pm
Used to be athleticArcadia 17: 12 9:00pm
Monday 4th April 2022
AFC EDMUNSONUsed to be Athletic  15: 177:00pm
ArcadiaHull Kingston Poachers 11: 47:45pm
No Name FCBromby Army 6: 107:30pm
Craven FCShush  14: 98:30pm
Pimp ChimpsOPE VETS 7: 148:15pm
Club BransholmeInter the pub 0: 56:00pm
Monday 11th April 2022
Craven FCHull Kingston Poachers 20: 38:15pm
Used to be Athletic Inter the pub 10: 126:45pm
No Name FCArcadia 15: 118:30pm
Shush Passealona 5: 07:45pm
Pimp ChimpsBromby Army 8:107:30pm
Monday 18th April 2022
PassealonaNo Name FC 0: 57:45pm
Used to be Athletic OPE VETS * 5: 5 8:30pm
Inter the pubBromby Army 5: 06:45pm
Pimp ChimpsShush  8: 116:00pm
Hull Kingston PoachersArcadia 5: 08:15pm
AFC EDMUNSONCraven FC 0: 5 7:30pm
Monday 25th April 2022
Used to be Athletic Passealona 5: 0 8:15pm
Shush Hull Kingston Poachers 22: 7 6:00pm
Craven FCArcadia 6: 12 9:00pm
Inter the pubPimp Chimps 8: 5 6:45pm
AFC EDMUNSONBromby Army 5: 0 7:30pm
OPE VETSNo Name FC 16: 6 7:30pm
Monday 2nd May 2022
Bromby ArmyArcadia 0: 58:15pm
No Name FCInter the pub 11: 268:15pm
OPE VETSHull Kingston Poachers 0 : 07:30pm
Shush AFC EDMUNSON 5: 06:00pm
Used to be Athletic Pimp Chimps 5: 06:45pm
Craven FCPassealona 5: 08:30pm
Monday 9th May 2022
OPE VETSShush  11: 137:30pm
Pimp ChimpsCraven FC 5 :18 9:00pm
No Name FCUsed to be Athletic  0: 56:45pm
FC BunInter the pub 17: 116:00pm
ArcadiaAFC EDMUNSON 4: 138:30pm
Bromby ArmyHull Kingston Poachers 11: 118:15pm
Monday 16th May 2022
Hull Kingston PoachersPimp Chimps 10: 127:45pm
Inter the pubArcadia 15: 77:30pm
AFC EDMUNSONBarely Athletic 0: 56:45pm 
OPE VETSBromby Army 5: 09:00pm
Craven FCNo Name FC 5: 08:15pm
Shush Used to be Athletic    5: 06:45pm
Monday 23rd May 2022
ArcadiaPimp Chimps : 8:30pm
Craven FCOPE VETS : 6:45pm
Shush Inter the pub : 8:15pm
Hull Kingston PoachersBarely Athletic : 6:45pm
Bromby ArmyOld Man Athletic  : 7:30pm
No Name FCAFC EDMUNSON : 6:00pm
Monday 30th May 2022
Barely AthleticBromby Army :  
AFC EDMUNSONPimp Chimps :  
Hull Kingston PoachersNo Name FC :  
Craven FCOld Man Athletic  :  
OPE VETSInter the pub :  
ArcadiaShush  :