Zorb Football

Zorb Football is as physical as the individual makes it and is suitable for anyone around 8 years to Adult, we have 12 Zorb bubble balls. Each Zorbl is filled with air and placed over the head. Strap on the harness and your ready to rumble!

This activity is perfect for a birthday party, corparate team bonding and even pre-season fitness as it is guaranteed to give you a sweat on!!

This is a Sport that is supervised to minimize injury and all participants need to follow the rules.

Fun Games Played During Session


DODGE BALL (ie,running around and trying not to get hit)

SUMO - you gain points from knocking each other out the arena

LAST ONE STANDING - as it says

BULLDOG - try to get to the other side

Our prices include :

1 referee
oh and LOTS OF LAUGHS but you can have those FREE

To find out more information please call the centre on 01482 822848 or email info@soccer-kings.co.uk

zorb poster

zorb 1