Monday Premier Division

League Table

New Leagues will be starting on the 4th January 2021. To Register please contact us on 01482 822848 or email We are receiving a large number of team so please DONT MISS OUT!! 
1Haven’t got a kalou211713171868552
2Ajax Trees Down2015141661382846
3Nio Global FC201406181998242
4Guilti sigurdsson2014061591154442
5Apollo FC2113262051555041
6Stella Courtois209110139136328
7Murder on Zidancefloor2081111571302725
10Back of the neto22511695148-5316
11Pique Blinders20401663188-12512
12Bun FC22321789169-8011
Soccer kings would like to congratulate 

Nio Global 

on winning our premier division.
1Nio Global FC1313002308414639
3The Vipers13805110733724
For the New season we will have 5x teams move up into the premier division. PLEASE NOTE that the price of the game will be £30 for the new season. Any team who does not give us 24 hours notice before cancelling will be charged in full for the fixture. Cancel two games in a row and you will be immediately expelled from the league!! 


Fixture & Results 
(New Season starts on 4th January 2022)

Round 1

Monday 3rd January 2022
Nio Global FCGuilti sigurdsson13 : 56:00pm
Ajax Trees DownApollo FC7: 47:30pm
The VipersTurkish Tigers0: 38:15pm
LadzioHaven’t got a Kalou10: 67:00pm
AGKBobby Flamingo 3: 07:45pm
Borussia TeethHU83: 08:30pm
Monday 10th January 2022
Bobby FlamingoBorussia Teeth 0: 39:00pm
AGKHaven’t got a Kalou 6: 127:30pm
Nio Global FCHU8 3: 06:00pm
Apollo FCThe Vipers 8: 66:45pm
LadzioTurkish Tigers18: 148:15pm
Guilti sigurdssonAjax Trees Down 0: 36:00pm
Monday 17th January 2022
Ajax Trees DownThe Vipers 9: 118:15pm
Turkish Tigers Guilti sigurdsson 9: 187:00pm
Haven’t got a kalouDerren G  21: 16:00pm
AGKLadzio 10: 66:45pm
Nio Global FCBorussia Teeth 17: 57:30pm
HU8Apollo FC 7: 176:00pm
Monday 24th January 2022
Apollo FCLadzio13:96:00pm
The VipersNio Global FC10:56:45pm
Turkish TigersAjax Trees Down0:37:45pm
Guilti sigurdssonVacancy 3:09:00pm
Haven’t got a kalouBorussia Teeth13:48:15pm
Monday 31st January 2022
SMITH FCHU816:128:30pm
Nio Global FCAjax Trees Down12:66:00pm
Haven’t got a kalouTurkish Tigers3:06:45pm
AGKBorussia Teeth3:07:30pm
Guilti sigurdssonThe Vipers7:116:00pm
LadzioApollo FC0:38:15pm
Monday 7th February 2022
HU8Ajax Trees Down10:12 6:00pm
Apollo FCAGK9:7 6:45pm
Guilti sigurdssonLadzio18:5 8:30pm
BehzadTurkish Tigers10:4 7:00pm
Haven’t got a kalouThe Vipers7:6 8:15pm
Gangsters AllardyceNio Global FC9:6 6:00pm
Monday 14th February 2022
NEW TEAMHaven’t got a kalou0:3 8:15pm
Ajax Trees DownGangsters Allardyce11:11 7:30pm
Apollo FCNio Global FC3:0 6:00pm
The VipersAGK5:6 6:45pm
Turkish TigersGuilti sigurdsson0:3 7:30pm
HU8Ladzio11:11 6:45pm
Monday 21st February 2022 
Haven’t got a kalouHU8 3:8:15pm
Nio Global FCThe Vipers 3:07:30pm
Gangsters AllardyceApollo FC 9:15 6:45pm
Ajax Trees DownLadzio 12: 66:00pm
AGKGuilti sigurdsson 8: 137:30pm
Jefferson FCRosco FC 7: 46:00pm
Monday 28th February 2022
Hanging by a FredGuilti sigurdsson 0: 36:45pm
Nio Global FCLadzio 20: 96:00pm
Roscoe FCAGK 0: 37:00pm
HU8Apollo FC 5:10 6:45pm
Ajax Trees DownHaven’t got a kalou 7: 127:30pm
Jefferson FCGangsters Allardyce 4:8:15pm
Monday 7th March 2022
Lallanas in pyjamasApollo FC 11: 136:45PM
Guilti sigurdssonFUDGE AIR IN PUKKI 15: 97:00PM
HU8Jefferson FC 13: 7 6:45PM
Haven’t got a kalouNio Global FC 11: 66:00PM
Gangsters AllardyceLadzio  0: 37:30PM
Ajax Trees DownAGK 8: 7  8:15PM
Monday 14th March 2022
Guilti SigurdssonApollo FC14:66:00pm
COPA FCGangsters Allardyces3:06:00pm
AGKNio Global FC0:36:45pm
LadzioStella Courtois12:146:45pm
Haven’t got a KalouHU815:87:30pm
Lallanas in PyjamasAjax Trees Down19:77:30pm
Monday 21st March 2022
HU8Haven’t got a kalou 8: 117:45pm
Stella CourtoisLallanas in pyjamas 4: 76:00pm
Apollo FCHull Kingston Poachers FC26: 28:15pm
LadzioAjax Trees Down 4: 119:00pm
Nio Global FCCOPA FC 20: 47:30pm
Guilti sigurdssonAGK 5: 06:00pm
Monday 28th March 2022
Guilti sigurdssonLallanas in pyjamas 13: 68:30pm
LadzioNio Global FC 0: 56:45pm
Murder on ZidancefloorCOPA FC 12: 77:30pm
Apollo FCHU8 7: 128:15pm
Haven’t got a kalouAjax Trees Down 5: 97:00pm
Hull Kingston Poachers FCStella Courtois 5: 156:00pm
Monday 4th April 2022
Lallanas in pyjamasLadzio 9: 127:30pm
Haven’t got a kalouMurder on Zidancefloor 9: 68:15pm
HU8Nio Global FC 7: 56:45pm
Stella CourtoisApollo FC 4: 86:00pm
COPA FCHull Kingston Poachers –: –7:30pm
Ajax Trees DownGuilti sigurdsson 7: 66:45pm
Monday 11th April 2022
Stella CourtoisAjax Trees Down 11: 48:15pm
Guilti sigurdssonHU8 13: 177:00pm
Back of the netoBobby Flamingo: 
LadzioMurder on Zidancefloor 11: 117:30pm
Lallanas in pyjamasNio Global FC 0: 56:00pm
Apollo FCHaven’t got a kalou 7: 76:45pm
Monday 18th April 2022
Apollo FCLallanas in pyjamas 5: 06:45pm
Bobby FlamingoBack of the neto:
Stella CourtoisHU8 14: 77:30pm
Nio Global FCHaven’t got a kalou 5: 06:00pm
LadzioGuilti sigurdsson 0: 58:15pm
Murder on ZidancefloorAjax Trees Down 7: 97:00pm
Monday 25th April 2022
LadzioApollo FC 6: 177:00pm 
Nio Global FCStella Courtois 15: 56:45pm
Back of the netoBobby Flamingo –: – –
Ajax Trees DownGuilti sigurdsson 11: 77:45pm
Murder on ZidancefloorHU8 5:10 6:00pm
Lallanas in pyjamasHaven’t got a kalou 0: 58:15pm
Monday 2nd May 2022
Haven’t got a kalouGuilti sigurdsson 5: 07:00pm
Back of the netoBobby Flamingo:
Nio Global FCApollo FC 9: 76:oopm
Murder on ZidancefloorStella Courtois 10: 46:45pm
Ajax Trees Down (F)Lallanas in pyjamas  5: 07:45pm
LadzioHU8 5: 07:30pm
Monday 9th May 2022
Guilti sigurdssonNio Global FC6: 19 6:00pm
Apollo FCAjax Trees Down12: 18 6:45pm
Pique BlindersStella Courtois15: 14 7:30pm
Haven’t got a kalouLadzio13: 7 7:45pm
Barely AthleticMurder on Zidancefloor: 31 7:00pm
HU8 Lallanas in pyjamas7: 3 8:15pm
Monday 16th May 2022
Murder on ZidancefloorHU8 14: 15 7:00pm
Lallanas PyjamasStella Courtois 0: 5 8:30pm
Pique BlindersApollo FC 6: 21 8:15pm
Ajax Trees DownLadzio 16: 9 7:30pm
Bun FCHaven’t Got a Kalou 4: 15 6:00pm
ShushGuilti sigurdsson 10: 12 6:00pm
Monday 23rd May 2022
Ajax Trees DownHU8 : 6:00pm
Murder on ZidancefloorApollo FC : 7:30pm
Stella CourtoisGuilti sigurdsson : 7:00pm
Bun FCLadzio : 8:15pm
Back of the NetoHaven’t got a kalou :  
Nio Global FCPique Blinders : 7:45pm